Am I a nutjob?

Consider the following thought experiment:  Everyone in the world is given a detailed ideological survey covering multiple dimensions with multiple measures.  Now assume a really good metric for calculating “ideological nearness.”  This metric is used to put people into groups of 100 who have very similar ideological views—political soul mates, if you will. Would you … Continue reading Am I a nutjob?

Memorial Day Salute

On this Memorial Day, a salute to all those Americans who have lost their lives in foreign wars.   A special salute to Major Brian Mescall, a graduate of the Citadel, who was killed in action in Afghanistan.  And this is very, very sad to see.  Young man, your dad was a real American hero.    And here is a graphic … Continue reading Memorial Day Salute

The Best Party Wins Reykjavik Municipal Elections

While perhaps not quite as silly as the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, Iceland's Best Party has scored perhaps the best electoral performance of a joke party at any election at any level in history, winning 6 of 15 seats and a plurality of votes in the Reykjavik municipal elections. What does the Best Party … Continue reading The Best Party Wins Reykjavik Municipal Elections

Sunday Morning Quotation(s)

George Kennan (the father of containment) from American Diplomacy: There seems to be a curious American tendency to search, at all times, for a single external center of evil, to which all our troubles can be attributed, rather than to recognize that there might be multiple sources of resistance to our purposes and undertakings, and … Continue reading Sunday Morning Quotation(s)

Obama and the Gulf Oil Leak

Given the libgressive model of what government is responsible for and how the Bush adminstration was hammered over its response to Katrina, why isn't Obama getting roughed up by the media, not to mention the liberal/progressive chatterazzi, for its ineptitude in "solving" the Gulf oil leak crisis?  Indeed, since this industry is so thoroughly regulated, shouldn't government failure … Continue reading Obama and the Gulf Oil Leak