Why I can’t wait until November

All indications are that the Democrats are going to take a beating in November.   So, in a few short months, we should make a return to one of my favorite policy-making environments: Gridlock!  This will frustrate many, but it will make me so happy. What economic decision makers (I'm talking about people who make things … Continue reading Why I can’t wait until November

Regulation Redux

Financial reform continues to make its way through the legislative sausage maker as conferees desperately seek to meet the administration's July 4th deadline. As noted in earlier postings, the body created by Congress to investigate the causes of the crisis as a means of informing the legislative process continues to hold hearings in hopes of … Continue reading Regulation Redux

A brief history of recessions

Good monetary policy.  Bad monetary policy.  Good presidents.  Bad presidents.  Good regulations.  Bad regulations.  Special interests.  Corruption. Malfeasance.  Ineptitude.  War. The graph shows a history of US business cylces since 1929 (but missing the slight uptick that will occur for 2010).  Really.  They are there.  Look real hard.  You can see 'em.

Tensions within Libertarianism (Part I): Libertarians and Abortion

This is the first installment in a series on the tensions within both libertarian thought and the libertarian movement.  Today I will focus on abortion - though, as I will explain below, this might seem an odd choice of topics for this series if you spend a lot of time around many movement libertarians. * Listening to or reading … Continue reading Tensions within Libertarianism (Part I): Libertarians and Abortion

It’s “Secession Week” at Athousandnations.com

"Let A Thousand Nations Bloom" is a blog loosely associated with the Seasteading Institute (well, at least, Patri Friedman is a contributor). This week, in the runup to Independence Day (which we all know is a superior term to "Fourth of July," right?), they are blogging about secession. Each day has a different theme, and … Continue reading It’s “Secession Week” at Athousandnations.com

Recovery Summer

The Recovery Summer is well underway. Vice President Biden sought to rally the troops in the Milwaukee stop of his Recovery Summer tour by noting: "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession." Today, a  sharp drop in the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index have sent markets into a triple-digit … Continue reading Recovery Summer