The biggest (dumbest) lie ever?

Somewhere in the Pileus archives is a post I wrote about how if the lie you tell is so outrageous, the public gives you a pass. Example 1: When the party in power in a state says, “Our goal in redistricting is not to increase our partisan advantage but is to _____________.” It doesn’t matter … Continue reading The biggest (dumbest) lie ever?

The Post does it again

Another superb piece from the Washington Post on the ACA (Marc highlighted the last one a couple of days ago).  This one is from the guy who built and ran the RomneyCare exchange in Massachusetts:A health insurance exchange is more than a Web site. It is an insurance store, and to manage it well requires … Continue reading The Post does it again

Even Obama can’t violate fundamental laws of politics

There is an ironclad law of redistributive politics at play in the ACA (ObamaCare) fiasco. This law is that concentrated interests almost always conquer diffuse interests.  Milk producers are a concentrated interest.  Milk consumers are a diffuse interest.  Guess which group is favored by the long history of milk price supports?  Dairy farmers get fat … Continue reading Even Obama can’t violate fundamental laws of politics

Population paranoia

I just read an article in the NY Times about Germany's fight against population decline.  For a professional demographer, the article is old news and a bit funny because of all the countries that are facing this problem (which is the whole developed world and some of the developing world), Germany is sort of the … Continue reading Population paranoia

Zimmermania: naming something what it’s not

President Obama did an effective job a couple of weeks ago, I thought, of giving voice to why African-Americans tended to see the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as a racial incident.  A lot of Americans had been waiting some time for him to say something similar. This past week, author Jesmyn Ward … Continue reading Zimmermania: naming something what it’s not

Journalists R us

Chris Matthews of MSNBC was defending his network against the idea that they are in bed with the Obama Administration: Well, he agrees with us, and we agree with him sometimes. One might riff on that quote in any number of directions.  I think the most interesting word there is "us."  All people, including journalists, … Continue reading Journalists R us