Epstein for philosopher king!

I have long been impressed with the legal thought of Richard Epstein.  Lately I've been reading from Simple Rules for a Complex World (Harvard, 1995).  I'm struck that the simple rules he comes up with are something that would have a broad appeal to libertarians of many stripes.  The rules are: Self-ownership and autonomy First … Continue reading Epstein for philosopher king!

Welcome Aboard – Elizabeth Price Foley

I am quite pleased to announce that Elizabeth Price Foley will be joining Pileus as one of our Authors.  Elizabeth is sure to be a great addition to our lineup, especially given that she has an expertise in health care and constitutional law.  Here is her impressive bio:      Elizabeth Price Foley is Professor of Law at Florida International … Continue reading Welcome Aboard – Elizabeth Price Foley

Marriage and limited government

The following is from the Winter 2010 issue of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy: Although some libertarians propose to “privatize” marriage, treating marriages the way we treat baptisms and bar mitzvahs, supporters of limited government should recognize that marriage privatization would be a catastrophe for limited government.   In the absence of … Continue reading Marriage and limited government

Conversion to the cause of life

No two things are more inseparable than liberty and life.   Don't miss Robert George's eloquent tribute to Bernard Nathanson: There are many lessons in Bernard Nathanson’s life for those of us who recognize the worth and dignity of all human lives and who seek to win hearts and change laws... [T]he edifice of abortion … Continue reading Conversion to the cause of life

What If Libyans Had Remained Nonviolent?

I caught a little bit of flak around the Internet for my piece, "Why Isn't Violence the Answer?," during the early days of the Egypt protests. I was galled by official demands from the U.S. government and other places that Egyptian protestors remain nonviolent, no matter what. Thankfully, significant violence wasn't required to get rid … Continue reading What If Libyans Had Remained Nonviolent?

Arab States Cursed by Oil?

At Hit & Run, Ron Bailey expresses a surprisingly confident explanation of Arab countries' economic and political woes: oil. Yes, the resource curse is back in the news. But as longtime readers of Pileus know, recent research suggests that the resource curse may be a myth. To the extent that oil wealth explains poor economic … Continue reading Arab States Cursed by Oil?

Justin Logan vs. Robert Kagan

Justin Logan - Cato Institute colleague of Pileus guest blogger Christopher Preble - takes on Robert Kagan and "benevolent global hegemony" in the American Conservative.  My favorite part of the post is this: The disconnect between the academy and the Beltway foreign-policy community could hardly be starker. Forty-five years ago, Mancur Olson and Richard Zeckhauser sketched what they termed the “economic … Continue reading Justin Logan vs. Robert Kagan