South Korea Should Defend Itself

So saith Doug Bandow in the American Spectator. (BTW, how far has the American Spectator come in publishing a piece like this?) Why hasn't the South put its resources to better military effect? Because it doesn't have to. So long as America offers a security guarantee, maintains a tripwire troop presence on the peninsula, and … Continue reading South Korea Should Defend Itself

Sunday Morning Quotation

Apropos of North Korea's bluster, the following from Kenneth Waltz - the arch realist - in his co-authored book The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: A Debate: Deterrent strategies lower the probability that wars will begin.  If wars start nevertheless, deterrent strategies lower the probability that they will be carried very far.  Nuclear weapons lessen the … Continue reading Sunday Morning Quotation

More Cheonan Stories

Update: This (see below left) is something the South Korean government does not want to disrupt with a war: The LA Times has an article in yesterday's paper discussing the possibility North Korea used a submersible suicide bomber.  Five day mourning period begins for South Korean sailors. China says it was an "unfortunate incident."  But … Continue reading More Cheonan Stories

Is North Korea angling for a diversionary war?

The UK Times suggests that the apparent North Korean attack on the South Korean naval ship on March 26 may have been an attempt to provoke war with South Korea.  Specifically: In some ways, a limited war might be exactly what the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, is hoping for. After decades of economic decline … Continue reading Is North Korea angling for a diversionary war?

Cheonan Incident

I'm with Rob at LGM on this issue: if the North Koreans torpedoed South Korea's Cheonan, doing nothing is not an ideal response.  As Rob notes:  "indicating that North Korea is allowed to sink South Korean ships in internationally recognized South Korean waters seems problematic."  However, if I'm remembering my Robert Jervis correctly, we should be … Continue reading Cheonan Incident