Nationalizing Precious Assets

My students and I have lately been reading Rawls, and we have been considering, among other things, the implications of his claim that we do not deserve our "natural assets"  and thus can claim no exclusive title to them on that basis. "The existing distribution of income and wealth," Rawls writes, "is the cumulative effect … Continue reading Nationalizing Precious Assets


Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan in today’s Financial Times: The financial system on which Dodd-Frank is being imposed is far more complex than the lawmakers, and even most regulators, apparently contemplate. We will almost certainly end up with a number of regulatory inconsistencies whose consequences cannot be readily anticipated. Early returns on the restructuring do … Continue reading Dodd-Frank

Housing Price Controls in China

According to Bloomberg: Premier Wen Jiabao said on March 5 that China will “resolutely” press ahead with controls on the property market to curb speculation, reiterating a promise to keep housing affordable. The government will “severely punish” irregularities in the real-estate market, implement differentiated credit and tax policies, and hold local officials accountable for maintaining … Continue reading Housing Price Controls in China

The Real Churchill

I just finished reading Ralph Raico's total evisceration of Winston Churchill. According to Raico, Churchill was throughout his life dedicated to two ends: his own power and the making of war. Every other principle he "ultimately betrayed." Among Churchill's sins are accounted the following: violating the international laws of war in blockading food and medicine … Continue reading The Real Churchill

The King’s Speech

The president’s speech last night was interesting. I remain a little uncertain as to what the criteria will be for future interventions. According to the president: For generations, the United States of America has played a unique role as an anchor of global security and as an advocate for human freedom. Mindful of the risks … Continue reading The King’s Speech

Is Atlas Shrugged Coming to a Theatre Near You?

If the answer is no, here's a link where you can help create an incentive for a local cinema to show the film.  In true Randian (and Smithian) fashion, it is not out of altruism that the typical theatre is going to show Atlas Shrugged but out of the self-interested desire to earn a profit (of course, in doing … Continue reading Is Atlas Shrugged Coming to a Theatre Near You?