More Cheonan Stories

Update: This (see below left) is something the South Korean government does not want to disrupt with a war:

The LA Times has an article in yesterday’s paper discussing the possibility North Korea used a submersible suicide bomber. 

Five day mourning period begins for South Korean sailors.

China says it was an “unfortunate incident.”  But what role will it play

Meanwhile, the U.S. – in my view – should still be slowly extricating itself militarily from the peninsula, especially if incidents like this one threaten to get the US involved in fighting there that is not in our national interests narrowly-defined.   An editorial from the Korea Times related to this issue.  Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute in Forbes on the US and South Korea

And a couple of thoughts from our comments section:

I’ve been reading a bunch of English language Korean websites and a Korean friend has read some in Korean for me. They all have editorials that basically end: If it can conclusively be shown that NK was responsible a strong response (whatever that may be; they don’t ever say) is required. Anything less will harm the government badly.”

Andy Jackson’s important bleg: “One issue I’d like to see more discussion of is the frequency of NK undersea incursions below the Northern Limit Line.”

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