Rally to Restore Sanity – November 2

I'm enjoying a fine Saturday day on campus working in my university's library and in my office.  I feel delightfully out of touch with the political goings-on, including the Rally to Restore Sanity which seems like theatre/political art designed to promote a particular political vision that is by no means non-ideological or even non-partisan.   Given what … Continue reading Rally to Restore Sanity – November 2

Defending the absurd

I've written before about children's right to be protected, but the issue of protection from lawsuits had never crossed my mind before.  This changed when I saw that a judge has ruled that a 4-year-old who struck an old woman with her bike can, indeed, be sued.  If she had been 3, she couldn't be … Continue reading Defending the absurd

Placing bets on the “Little Arts of Popularity”: the Midterm Projections

I am a policy guy, so my expertise in electoral politics (i.e., “the talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity,"  to quote Publius) is quite limited. But I will put my Sharon Angle "man pants on” and challenge my fellow Pilieus bloggers to do the same. Here are my predictions: The Senate: the … Continue reading Placing bets on the “Little Arts of Popularity”: the Midterm Projections

More hunger

If you have young readers in your house, there is a good chance you've already seen Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy.  These books are about a 16-year-old girl's struggle to survive and protect her loved one's against a savage totalitarian state.  The prose is easily accessible to youth, though I wouldn't encourage most pre-teens to … Continue reading More hunger

Save NPR!

I know.  I know.  NPR is a bastion of welfare-state liberalism.  True enough.  I hate the politics of most NPR contributors, staff, and editors as much as anyone. Still, I love NPR.  What's more I think conservatives and libertarians should fight to save NPR.   If you made a list of the dumbest things done by … Continue reading Save NPR!