Sven Wilson

Wilson is a health economist who studies the US healthcare system and the demographic correlates of health over the life cycle in both modern and historical populations.  He is currently Professor of Political Science and Economics and the Director of the Master in Public Policy Program at Brigham Young University.  He was recently Co-Director of the Center for Population Economics at the University of Chicago and is a Research Economist at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is part of the working group on Cohort Studies.  He holds a PhD in Economics (1997) from the University of Chicago.  He has received extensive research support from prominent public and private funding sources and has published in a diverse set of peer-reviewed outlets in economics, demography, public health and statistical methods.

Wilson’s large family leaves an enormous carbon footprint, but he buys no bogus eco-credits.  Instead, he is trying to help his children be net-producers and nice people.  His favorite activites are skiing and chilling with his family, though he hopes to have a serious hobby one day that would be interesting enough to put in a biographical sketch.

Wilson’s views expressed in this blog are entirely his own and should not be attributed to his university, its sponsoring church, his wife, children, neighbors, friends, or anyone with any sense.