Starving the Courts

In the latest issue, The Economist gives a startling look on the dire situation of courts in America. Budget cuts and, at the federal level, political obstruction have fostered delays and case backlogs. Some of the dire consequences: In California, uncontested divorces now take a year to obtain. One circuit court in Georgia has stopped … Continue reading Starving the Courts

The Economy: No Surprise and…a Surprise

The new CNN/USA Today poll on the economy offers few surprises. 90 percent of those polled characterize the economy as poor (40 percent somewhat poor + 50 percent very poor). This is the worst outcome since December of 2008 when 93 percent characterized the economy as poor. The majority (52 percent) blame Bush and the … Continue reading The Economy: No Surprise and…a Surprise

A (Temporary?) Victory for Individual Rights in Oregon

In particular, a victory today for the right to bear arms on college campuses in Oregon.  A three judge panel of the Oregon state Court of Appeals ruled that the Higher Education Board cannot ban students from concealed carry on campus.  Bill Graves of the Oregonian writes: The court ruled that while the State Board of Higher … Continue reading A (Temporary?) Victory for Individual Rights in Oregon

Voter Support for Limiting Voting’s Reach

John Sides has a short but interesting post on 538 today looking at surprisingly strong public support for technocratic limitations on pure democracy. A few months ago I floated the idea of multiple voting as a way of overcoming, partially, the baleful effects of voter irrationality. Technocratic management would be another way to do it. … Continue reading Voter Support for Limiting Voting’s Reach

Jobs for Colombia!

The Hill is reporting that Reid and Pelosi are at odds with the White House over free trade bills that Obama wants Congress to pass. Now, assume for the moment that Democrats really are the party of the poor and downtrodden.  How, then, does this this statement make sense?: He even chastised Republicans for being … Continue reading Jobs for Colombia!

Another Reason to Root Against the Nets

The Atlantic Yards controversy isn't new, but this recent Grantland article by Malcolm Gladwell on how rich men were able to use eminent domain in this case to get richer is still noteworthy.   It loses a little steam at the end when he starts to rant a bit.  But Gladwell nicely lays out what went on while highlighting the ugliness of eminent domain … Continue reading Another Reason to Root Against the Nets