Who Killed Local Autonomy in the U.S.?

Once upon a time, local governments accounted for the lion's share of economic policy-making in the United States. Before World War I, not only was the federal government's economic policy-making activity strictly limited to areas such as international trade, management of federal lands, trust-busting, and food and drug regulation, but state governments themselves were also … Continue reading Who Killed Local Autonomy in the U.S.?

The Difficult Path to Recovery

Events in Europe should give us pause, as Eric Dash and Nelson D. Schwartz note in “Crisis in Europe Tightens Credit Across Globe.” (NYT) Europe’s worsening sovereign debt crisis has spread beyond its banks and the spillover now threatens businesses on the Continent and around the world. From global airlines and shipping giants to small manufacturers, … Continue reading The Difficult Path to Recovery

How Can Germans Accept This Possible Outcome?

Consider the source of the comment, but a New York Times report yesterday on the Eurozone crisis had this gem: Bernard Connolly, a persistent critic of Europe, estimates it would cost Germany, as the main surplus-generating country in the euro area, about 7 percent of its annual gross domestic product over several years to transfer sufficient funds to … Continue reading How Can Germans Accept This Possible Outcome?

National Security Experts on Iran

In case you think only "isolationist" thinkers are opposed to using military force against Iran due to its nuclear weapons program, it is noteworthy that a slim majority (52%) of national security experts polled by National Journal believe that strikes should "not be carried out under any circumstances, despite a recent U.N. nuclear-watchdog report providing evidence … Continue reading National Security Experts on Iran

Sunday Morning Quotation – Jon Huntsman on Iran, Israel, and Nuclear Weapons

Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman during the foreign policy debate this past week: His -- history will tell. We missed the Persian spring. The president failed on that front. We go into Libya, where, to my mind, we don't have any definable American interests. We've got Syria now on the horizon, where we do have American interests. It's … Continue reading Sunday Morning Quotation – Jon Huntsman on Iran, Israel, and Nuclear Weapons