Can Huntsman do it?

Word is leaking out that Jon Hunstman, Jr. is resigning his post as Ambassador to China and will begin exploring a run for the Presidency.  President Obama sent him to China, most observers believe, to avoid just that scenario.  But it apparently has backfired.  Hunstman got two years in probably the most important diplomatic post … Continue reading Can Huntsman do it?

More partisan purity (and nonsense)

A Republican group called the National Republic Trust PAC is withdrawing their previous support from Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and, instead, pledging to defeat him in in the primary next year.  According to the National Journal, the head of the PAC, Scott Wheeler, gives this justification: "We believe the Democrats' policies are destroying the country. … Continue reading More partisan purity (and nonsense)

Description of ObamaCare

Here is how Reuters describes ObamaCare in its story today about the law being ruled unconstitutional by the District Court: The healthcare overhaul, a cornerstone of Obama's presidency, aims to expand health insurance to cover millions of uninsured Americans while also curbing costs. I'm surprised Reuters didn't add, "You'd have to be nuts to oppose that."  But I … Continue reading Description of ObamaCare

A College Degree in Every Pot

As one plank in his "winning the future" program, President Obama called recently for more Americans to get college degrees. People with college degrees, the President reminded us, make more money over their lifetimes than people who do not. That is true, but of course by itself it does not mean that the college degree … Continue reading A College Degree in Every Pot

Benign Neglect Anyone?

Letting others determine their fates independent of the "stick-their-noses-into-everything" John McCain types is not a bad first cut at policy.  Insert the issue or development - foreign or domestic - that could benefit from a policy of benign neglect here ________________ . Reader: "Hmmm, what could GC be talking about here, especially given the John McCain reference?"

A free press…

Isn't it the job of a free press to take a few minutes and critically assess what politicians feed them?  Perhaps if they do so, they'll come up with what Mungowitz does about President Obama's exemplary green energy business Orion Energy Systems.  Mungowitz cites the administration's own words: WASHINGTON – In this week’s address, President Obama called … Continue reading A free press…