Marc Eisner

Eisner is the Henry Merritt Wriston Chair of Public Policy and Professor of Government at Wesleyan University, where he teaches courses on political economy and public policy, with a special focus on regulation and governance. Eisner has written several books, including Antitrust and the Triumph of Economics (1991), Regulatory Politics in Transition (1993, 2000), The State in the American Political Economy (1995), Contemporary Regulatory Policy (coauthor, 2000, 2006), From Warfare State to Welfare State (2000), Governing the Environment (2007), and most recently, The American Political Economy (forthcoming).

Outside of the shop–where  the most important things actually take place—Eisner loves to brew, climb, hoist, pick, plant, shoot, strum, tie,  seduce trout in local streams, build string instruments, and play in a faculty string band (the Mattabesset String Collective) that covers everything from the Carter Family to jug band interpretations of Jimi Hendrix. He rarely does these things simultaneously.