Romney Speech

I wonder if Romney and his campaign advisors looked at the very small group of undecided voters and wrote the speech to appeal to them.  Otherwise, I don't get this speech.  If what I said is true, it suggests that the campaign assumes that the undecideds at this point are pretty clueless folks who don't vote … Continue reading Romney Speech

Paul Ryan’s Speech – Snap Judgement

Unlike Chris Christie last night, Congressman Ryan knocked it out of the park - both for the base and the middle.  Here is the text of his speech (though I recommend you watch it instead since Ryan is pretty much the opposite of Nixon in the 1960 Presidential debate). Ryan is a damn good speaker … Continue reading Paul Ryan’s Speech – Snap Judgement

APSA Update

The annual conference of the American Political Science Association has been cancelled.  I wonder if this will turn out to be the right decision.   As of now, it is fouling up a lot of things but hard to say if going forward would have been completely irresponsible without more data from NOLA and the airlines. I … Continue reading APSA Update

Two Cheers for the Seventeenth Amendment

Small-government types have often debated whether the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, establishing direct election of senators, is in part responsible for the decline of federalism in the U.S. I have long been skeptical of the 17th Amendment repeal movement, because Germany has a system in which states (Länder) elect senators (members of the … Continue reading Two Cheers for the Seventeenth Amendment

Political Scientists – Who Knew They Were So Funny?

With Isaac about to hit New Orleans, political scientists around the world are wondering why God hates political scientists more than Republicans(Henry Farrell), whether they can count their conference papers on their CV's, and all kinds of other things.  For tweets on all this and more, see the APSA 2012 Twitter site here. What may surprise you is … Continue reading Political Scientists – Who Knew They Were So Funny?

Bad News for New Orleans, Political Scientists, and Romney

And Obama is the winner! Romney will try to "reintroduce" himself to the country while the country is watching Obama touring the wreckage from the hurricane.  How does the whole convention not become effectively diminished - if not scrapped altogether or delayed until the weekend (is this even logistically possible?) - if there is a hard landing … Continue reading Bad News for New Orleans, Political Scientists, and Romney