A Copenhagen for libertarians

The Copenhagen Consensus Center is devoted to trying to funnel government and private monies for development into their most cost-effective uses. They do this by bringing experts together to hash out priorities. The idea is simple, yet often neglected; when financial resources are limited, it is necessary to prioritize the effort. Every day, policymakers and … Continue reading A Copenhagen for libertarians

China and Porn

Although I respectfully disagree with Sven's take on the internet and porn*, his opt-in porn policy is certainly better than China's draconian attempt to "clean up the internet" by shutting down pornographic websites and opening over two thousand criminal investigations.  (Good luck, China!  And when you are finished, I'm sure you'll move on to easily and successfully end … Continue reading China and Porn

Kant and public policy

I've been having a philosophical debate on another thread with Mark LeBar.  Since he is way smarter than I, it hasn't been much of a debate, but it has been fun for me.  It also comes at a time when I'm finishing off my syllabus for next semester for an undergraduate class called "Theories of … Continue reading Kant and public policy

Free Favre!

What, exactly, has Brett Favre done wrong? I don't mean playing exceptionally poorly this year; I mean whatever it is that has led to the many-months-long investigation and has finally culminated in a $50,000 fine from the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Favre was accused of sending "objectionable photographs" and "inappropriate messages" to Jenn Sterger in … Continue reading Free Favre!

Gene Healy’s “Inner Scrooge” and the Worst Op-Eds of 2010

I quite enjoy reading op-eds and writing them is pretty fun too (though not well-paying for us part-timers!).  The obnoxious ones are even worth reading as they provide great insight into the writer if not the subject of the op-ed.  With that in mind, Gene Healy of the Cato Institute has an amusing op-ed on … Continue reading Gene Healy’s “Inner Scrooge” and the Worst Op-Eds of 2010

Please stop helping us

John Stossel's critiques usually aren't terribly sophisticated, but I still like them (since I'm not even a little sophisticated).  He does manage to understand market economics better than almost all of those sophisticated, Ivy League journalists who make up the MSM elite. This piece is based on analysis done by GMU's Todd Zywicki on the … Continue reading Please stop helping us