WikiLeaks – For Everyone Except Those Who Hold a Clearance

One of the ironic things about the WikiLeaks scandal is that people who hold a security clearance cannot go to or otherwise access the WikiLeaks website to view or download information contained on the site.  Here is the content of an Air Force memo to this effect that applies to all of its personnel (I think … Continue reading WikiLeaks – For Everyone Except Those Who Hold a Clearance

Iceland: Letting Die and Living High?

Guido Fawkes makes the case for letting banks fail, comparing the trajectories of two economies massively damaged by the financial crisis: Iceland and Ireland. Iceland let its banks fail, while Ireland has bailed out its banks, to massive expense: The Irish bail-out plan will cost €54,800 per Irish household. Ireland’s future thus looks a lot … Continue reading Iceland: Letting Die and Living High?

Wikileaks and Incompetence

George Orwell once noted: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” I am not certain that the release of the newest Wikileaks documents is very revolutionary, even if the times meet Orwell's description. David Rothkopf captures my general reaction in his brief column at Foreign Policy: “the 250,000 State Department … Continue reading Wikileaks and Incompetence

South Korea Should Defend Itself

So saith Doug Bandow in the American Spectator. (BTW, how far has the American Spectator come in publishing a piece like this?) Why hasn't the South put its resources to better military effect? Because it doesn't have to. So long as America offers a security guarantee, maintains a tripwire troop presence on the peninsula, and … Continue reading South Korea Should Defend Itself

Favorite Books of 2010

This was a fine year for books. I am embarrassed to admit that I read little in the way of fiction this year and what I read was quite dated (e.g., Oakley Hall, Warlock). But I have some recommendations under biography and memoirs, economics, and religion.  I am most interested in hearing what you would … Continue reading Favorite Books of 2010

Sunday Morning Quotation – Civil Peace, Brought to You by the Early (Classical) Liberals

Sunday Morning Quotation is back, this time with a quotation from Damon Linker's new book The Religious Test: Unlike so many of their predecessors and contemporaries, the first liberals treated disagreement and discord about the highest good as a given and then proposed that civil peace in a deeply divided society could best be established and … Continue reading Sunday Morning Quotation – Civil Peace, Brought to You by the Early (Classical) Liberals

Honorific Resolutions

Jonathan Adler, a very smart law professor and one of my favorite bloggers over at the Volokh Conspiracy, notes that  "Republicans may eliminate honorific resolutions (e.g. resolutions endorsing National Potato Day and National Pi Day, or honoring the 75th anniversary of Radio Shack’s listing  on the NYSE — all real examples) from Congressional business.  This would be a … Continue reading Honorific Resolutions