Wal-Mart on the brain

I keep bringing up Wal-Mart in posts and comments, which is strange since Wal-Mart isn't something pleasant to think about.   But I wish there was more discussion about the recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of Wal-Mart because that case brings up some critically important issues for the future of the American economy.  Though Wal-Mart … Continue reading Wal-Mart on the brain

Worth Reading (and Not)

A few pieces around the internets that are worth reading: 1.  At the Chronicle of Higher Education, Mark Bauerlein discusses research suggesting that the lecture format is beneficial for students compared to progressive teaching methods.  As one paper notes, "Contrary to contemporary pedagogical thinking, we find that students score higher on standardized tests in the subject … Continue reading Worth Reading (and Not)

“Here Come Old Hayek, He Come Groovin’ Up Slowly…”

“Imagine There’s No Taxes, It’s Easy if You Try…” There are so many sour notes that must be passing through the minds of Beatles fans as they hear allegations that John Lennon may have become a conservative in the final years of his life.  As his former assistant recalls: "John, basically, made it very clear … Continue reading “Here Come Old Hayek, He Come Groovin’ Up Slowly…”

Romney-Bachmann, 2012

There are at least a half dozen credible candidates to win the GOP nomination for President.  In fact there are so many that they are all unlikely to win.  But the most likely of the "unlikelies" is Mitt Romney---though I wouldn't put any money on that prediction.  Perry is a threat and Christie is a … Continue reading Romney-Bachmann, 2012

Multiple Voting in Elections, Part 2

I recently ran a poll here to gauge support for the idea of giving voters with bachelor's and/or doctoral degrees extra votes in elections. I ran the same poll on a non-political site to get an idea of support from the general public. Surprisingly, Pileus readers opposed the reform overwhelmingly, 82-18%, while respondents on the … Continue reading Multiple Voting in Elections, Part 2