Grasping at Shadows

So it looks as if the sequestration is upon us. The past few weeks have witnessed claims about the catastrophic implications of sequestration and ongoing efforts to assign responsibility (it was the GOP’s idea…unless it wasn’t). It has been quite the circus. My chief concern: we are so busy grasping at shadows that we are … Continue reading Grasping at Shadows

Aeon Skoble’s Three Books – and Thanks

I want to thank Professor Aeon Skoble for joining us for a guest stint here at Pileus.  It was a pleasure to read his contributions, and I trust our readers appreciated his thoughtful posts. I'd also like to plug Aeon's recent piece at the Freeman laying out his three deserted island books.  Here they are: John Tomasi - Free Market Fairness … Continue reading Aeon Skoble’s Three Books – and Thanks

Free Staters, Pack Your Bags

Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project, wants to "trigger the move."  According to the Manchester Union-Leader: Based on the current recruiting rate, Gericke said, the pledge total would hit 20,000 in 2018, triggering the large-scale move to New Hampshire. Under that scenario, the goal would be to have all pledgers relocate by 2023. However, Gericke … Continue reading Free Staters, Pack Your Bags

University of Texas Secession Symposium

The Center for European Studies at the University of Texas, Austin is hosting a symposium entitled, "Secession Redux: Lessons for the EU" tomorrow (Friday). It will be held all day at the LBJ School, Sid Richardson Hall, Room 3.122. It is open to the public. The schedule is here. I will be speaking on "Secessionism … Continue reading University of Texas Secession Symposium