The Limits of Congressional Gridlock…and Reform?

It seems that all we have heard of late is about the sharp partisan battles in Congress that have placed it in a gridlock and prevented it from working in a bipartisan fashion to “do the nation’s business.” Yes, the “do nothing Congress.” But there are exceptions to this description.  Given the depth and severity … Continue reading The Limits of Congressional Gridlock…and Reform?

National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

The Cato Institute has a new project and accompanying website devoted to tracking police misconduct.  Isn't it sad that the society that produced this has need for such a thing?  It is probably more accurate (even aside from the obvious sense) to say that we are a different people now.  Unfortunately, I think police misconduct is only going … Continue reading National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

Why Classicists – Or Just Victor Davis Hanson – Shouldn’t Try to Do Social Science

Victor Davis Hanson has one of the most awful columns I've ever seen out on the wire today. The argument is that Greece is in trouble because of its bad culture, while places like Germany and Switzerland have good culture and therefore sound economic policies. Leaving aside the laziness of this kind of culture argument … Continue reading Why Classicists – Or Just Victor Davis Hanson – Shouldn’t Try to Do Social Science

Don’t Drone Me, Bro!

This is awesome. As we all know, the Obama Administration claims that it has the right to kill anyone it considers a terrorist, so long as it has some internal process for deciding whom to kill. Now someone has set up a petition on Considering that the government already has a “Do Not Call” … Continue reading Don’t Drone Me, Bro!

Sustainable misery

Here are some of the latest economic ideas coming out of Europe: Take longer coffee breaks. Don't upgrade your software or buy a new computer. Forget about that graduate degree. Bring your child to work.  All day.  Every day. Spend a lot of time on the internet.  With a dial-up modem, of course. Don't maintain … Continue reading Sustainable misery

Memorial Day Salute

On this Memorial Day, a salute to all those Americans who have lost their lives fighting in foreign wars. A special salute to Major Brian Mescall, a graduate of the Citadel, who was killed in action in Afghanistan.  And one to Captain Ray Conard, killed in his B-24 during WWII (he was a member of the 734th … Continue reading Memorial Day Salute

Sunday Morning Quotation – Senator Coburn on US Debt

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) on CBS News: S&P's downgrade on us was right. Matter of fact, we're going to get another downgrade. I can tell you right now… If you look what's getting ready to happen to us, in another five years, we're going to have $22 trillion worth of debt. We're going to have 120% of … Continue reading Sunday Morning Quotation – Senator Coburn on US Debt