Property Rights and Gardens: Fight the Power of City Hall

Our regular readers may remember Jason's run-in with the law due to his non-standard front yard.  Fortunately, that situation ended reasonable well. Unfortunately, his city isn't the only one trying to enforce a one-size-fits-all approach to front yards.  Orlando, Florida also has issues with property owners exercising their property rights in ways it does not like but which do … Continue reading Property Rights and Gardens: Fight the Power of City Hall

A reply to James

This started out as a comment on James' post but ended up long enough to stand on its own.... James, I appreciate your sentiments here.  However, I think your conception of marriage is too atomistic (or perhaps I should say "dyastic").  I think marriage is best understood as a multilateral compact with the married couple … Continue reading A reply to James

Marriage and Culture Change

My marriage is a sacred compact between my wife and me before God. No law, proposition, or court decision can ever change that. The government's recognition of my marriage did not make it the sacred compact that it is; the government's recognition of anyone else's relationship does not affect what mine is; and no legal … Continue reading Marriage and Culture Change

We’re all haters now

A child faced with limits on her behavior will often lash out at the adult who is imposing those limits as being mean or hateful.  We ignore or forgive such words because we do not really expect children to understand the true motivations behind adult actions. We would expect a Justice of the Supreme Court … Continue reading We’re all haters now

PorcFest Roundup

The Free State Project's Porcupine Freedom Festival was last week, and the media mentions have been trickling in. Unfortunately, I was not able to go due to scheduling conflicts, but the organizers claim, on the basis of 1,500 paid registrants, that over 1,700 people attended (including children). That makes it the biggest PorcFest ever, unsurprising … Continue reading PorcFest Roundup

Your Government at Work – The Cost of Textile and Apparel Protectionism

From Pietra Rivoli: "The USITC [U.S. International Trade Commission] estimated that the removal of all textile and apparel quotas and tariffs would have resulted in an economywide gain of $10.4 billion in 1996, but at a cost of 117,150 jobs.  Using these estimates, textile and apparel protection in the United States cost approximately 88,000 per year in … Continue reading Your Government at Work – The Cost of Textile and Apparel Protectionism

Congratulations, Grover!

After no fewer than six attempts, United States president Grover Cleveland has finally been inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. (Yes, there is such a thing, apparently.) It is a long-overdue honor, but it is well deserved. Of course, President Cleveland has to share the honor with co-inductees like Whitney Houston and Joe … Continue reading Congratulations, Grover!