A (Temporary?) Victory for Individual Rights in Oregon

In particular, a victory today for the right to bear arms on college campuses in Oregon.  A three judge panel of the Oregon state Court of Appeals ruled that the Higher Education Board cannot ban students from concealed carry on campus.  Bill Graves of the Oregonian writes:

The court ruled that while the State Board of Higher Education has authority to control and manage its property and to enact administrative rules, it cannot override a state law that says only the Legislature can regulate the use, sale and possession of firearms.

Not exactly a stretch to predict that politicians and/or administrators will attempt to chisel away at this right in the near future.  The cited article notes some ways that this could happen.  Remain ever vigilant of your rights, Oregonians, since they are in peril whenever the state is awake – which is always as Thomas Hobbes noted long ago!

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