Another Reason to Root Against the Nets

The Atlantic Yards controversy isn’t new, but this recent Grantland article by Malcolm Gladwell on how rich men were able to use eminent domain in this case to get richer is still noteworthy.   It loses a little steam at the end when he starts to rant a bit.  But Gladwell nicely lays out what went on while highlighting the ugliness of eminent domain seizures for essentially private use.

BTW, I still don’t see why Justice O’Connor added stadia to railroads and utilities as justifiable reasons for takings that can be transferred to private entities.  Seems like apples and oranges.  The logic of including stadia would also seem to justify just about any commercial development open to the public.

When the flashy Brooklyn Nets play in their new arena, make sure to remember all of the folks whose land was essentially legally stolen to make that possible.  I will – and I will certainly never set foot in the place.  Vote with your dollars!

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