Jobs for Colombia!

The Hill is reporting that Reid and Pelosi are at odds with the White House over free trade bills that Obama wants Congress to pass.

Now, assume for the moment that Democrats really are the party of the poor and downtrodden.  How, then, does this this statement make sense?:

He even chastised Republicans for being “more concerned about what jobs are being created in Colombia or Panama or Korea than what jobs are being created here in America.”

Shouldn’t the party that is bad at economics but desirous to help the poor be saying something along the lines of this:  “This bill will send jobs to Panama and Columbia.  And that is great, because they need them more than we do!”

Even as a foreign policy measure, sending jobs oversees probably promotes better relations, and it lessens immigration pressures.

One would almost think that Democrats want to suppress the economics of poor Latin American countries so that more people have the incentive to migrate here to mow the lawns of rich leftists who live in neighborhoods where low income immigrants cannot live because of zoning restrictions and other racist urban planning.

Holy Inconsistency, Batman!

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