Is This a Credible Threat?

From the AP:

“If the (South Korean) enemies try to deal any retaliation or punishment, or if they try sanctions or a strike on us …. we will answer to this with all-out war,” Col. Pak In Ho of North Korea’s navy told broadcaster APTN in an exclusive interview in Pyongyang.

2 thoughts on “Is This a Credible Threat?

  1. It does not matter. The Lee administration’s finger pointing to the North Korea is just based on the very weak evidence so they cannot persuade China to agree with the Lee government’s conclusion. Without the agreement of China, any actions to North Korea is meaningless.

    Anyway, after the 2nd June election of South Korea, the situation will change. Many people in South Korea cast doubt on the administration’s conclusion because the administration has made a lot of lies since its inaugurating(it is true).

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