State of Liberty in Australia and New Zealand

Since we have a number of Pileus readers in Australasia, I’d like to invite them to give us their thoughts on the state of liberty in Australia and New Zealand.  I look forward to reading their comments and discussing the future of liberty in those places as well.  Who knows, another decade or two like the last one and the Free State (as in subnational unit in the American system) Project might need to turn literally into the Free State (as in country) Project!  Or maybe they will need to sign up for the FSP and move to New Hampshire to find some hope for liberty!

3 thoughts on “State of Liberty in Australia and New Zealand

  1. We desperately need a Free State Project (make that nation!) in Australia. I live in Melbourne, Australia and work as a journalist. Press freedom is woeful just to name one aspect of liberty that we are deprived of. Conservative and Liberal (as in political orientation) governments alike make our lives nannied miseries in so very many ways – in both the economic and social domains. If you thought the proposed internet filter was bad, there are several other laws that will make you want to hurl – and some of these are on the books, mind you! – Anti-Biker legislation in SA. – Resource Super Profits Tax.

    1. I’d like to hear more about the freedom of the press issues in Australia.

      Sounds like the US – both parties eagerly nanny us (it is a myth that blue states are friendlier towards personal freedoms).

  2. Well one glaring omission from the journalists’ arsenal to protect himself is the lack of a guarantee to freedom of expression in the Australian Constitution (i.e., an analog of the bill of rights.) Also in media and communications law, the onus of proof is on the defendant and not the prosecution – the journalist has to prove himself innocent, basically. So when there’s even a whiff of a legal case, a story would probably get shelved.

    There is also no legal recourse to protect sources, rather an ethical one that can land a journo with a charge of disobedient contempt if they don’t rat them out. Reporters Without Borders usually ranks Australia 30 or so in the Press Freedom Index…yet last year ranked us equal 13. (???)

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