The Sestak Job Scandal

Does this thing have legs? The story’s been at a low boil for a few days. Today congressional Democrats are pressing Joe Sestak to explain his claim that the Obama Administration offered him a job (rumored to be Secretary of the Navy) in exchange for dropping his ultimately successful primary challenge to Arlen Specter. Apparently such an offer would be illegal. The Administration has of course denied making the offer.

It seems to me that there are ways to make an offer without being explicit enough about the quid pro quo to make it a crime, so I don’t think anyone will ultimately get into serious trouble over this. But every little bit of light shone on the dirty corners of Washington’s halls of power is a Good Thing in my view.

UPDATE: Republican congressman Darrell Issa has apparently raised the prospect of President Obama’s impeachment over this. Hm, seems a little premature.

One thought on “The Sestak Job Scandal

  1. Seems to be a pattern, you should look up Andrew Romanoff. If another steps forward, it will make it interesting..

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