2 thoughts on “Obama and Sports

  1. There is much to admire in our President, but his sports-fan acumen is doubtful. The Reason blog post (as an aside, cancel your Atlantic sub, and subscribe to Reason and City Journal, you’ll be much happier) covers President Obama’s ridiculous inability to name a favorite White Sox (Harold Baines, Ozzie Guillen, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Bobby Thigpen, Frank Thomas, Jim Parque, Mark Buehrle? Joe Borchard?), but for me, the giveaway is when he walked off the Nationals field and stepped on the the chalk foul line. That was wrong and he owes the nation an apology.

  2. The only thing Obama accurately represents as a sports fan today is with the “pink hat” fans which I would consider him to be given his inability to name a single player from his “favorite team”.

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