7 thoughts on “Poll I: I would live my life…

  1. Nozick thought that might be cheating, though he is more ambivalent about a one-time use.

  2. Aren’t our brains transformation machines? If we want to be, say, good people, can’t we just do that?

  3. Jason-

    But being a virtuous person takes work – and perhaps trying to be that kind of person is part of what it means to live a decent, good life.

    If we simply could switch on the “I want to be Mother Theresa” switch, would that make being Mother Theresa all that remarkable? But then you could say it would be a better world if we could easily be virtuous through an automatic transformation — but if it is good outcomes you desire to see, why not choose one of the other machines?

    It is late, so tell me if this makes any sense!

  4. It can sometimes be hard to be virtuous, in situations where self-interest conflicts with the right. But is it more virtuous to struggle with temptations than to dismiss them easily? Presumably a virtuous character is desirable simply because it makes you likely to do the right thing in most circumstances. If you could flip a switch that worked as a pre-commitment device to the virtuous path, rendering distasteful things that would otherwise be temptations, then flipping that switch would itself be an act of supreme virtue, because it would virtually guarantee your right action in the future.

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