Obama and the Gulf Oil Leak

Given the libgressive model of what government is responsible for and how the Bush adminstration was hammered over its response to Katrina, why isn’t Obama getting roughed up by the media, not to mention the liberal/progressive chatterazzi, for its ineptitude in “solving” the Gulf oil leak crisis? 

Indeed, since this industry is so thoroughly regulated, shouldn’t government failure in the Gulf be an important story? 

Maybe I’m just not reading or watching the proper things, but I don’t see a lot of non-“vast right wing conspiracy” folks hitting Obama all that hard or often on this (especially compared to Katrina).  Maybe libgressives have finally found one area in which they don’t believe the government is responsible for assuring the “proper” outcome (even when the gov’s problematic regulation – especially the cap on damages – is part of the problem)!   

Not being a hard scientist or engineer, I hesitate to offer any thoughts on how to deal with this myself.  But I thought I read somewhere that military weaponry could be used to seal the leak.  Is this just a dumb idea or is it not being considered because the government isn’t moving fast to take control of the problem or because such a fix would not be good for BP (and thus the company’s interests are being protected by its friends in the administration)?

Caveat: I have no brief for the Bush II administration and think “W” was one of our worst presidents, so don’t say I’m being partisan.

5 thoughts on “Obama and the Gulf Oil Leak

  1. Look at the image of the two events.

    Gulf oil: a pipe with an ominous black cloud spewing from it.

    Hurricane Katrina: thousands of displaced Americans, largely belonging to minority groups.

    Hurricane Katrina had a much more personal image that showed real people suffering. And worse, they were people who probably didn’t vote for the current president, so any delays on the government’s part could easily be turned as racism/partisanship.

    I’m trying to imagine the right-wing coming out and yelling “Why aren’t you working harder??” with the left responding “If it weren’t for you oil loving, SUV drivers we wouldn’t be in this mess!” (not that I think it’s the right wing’s fault we have off shore drilling).

    As for gov’t intervention, what would finger pointing really bring? Obama coming out and giving another press release about how we need to investigate?

  2. Sure, the human element is part of the story. But a big part is also the lame binary thinking of many people — when “our team” screws up, we ignore it or downplay it or blame others; when the “other team” does it, we yell and scream.

    Guess this is why I’m very suspicious of partisans (especially in places where Duverger’s Law exists and parties are big tent entities that do not represent a coherent governing philosophy), despite what political scientists say about the importance of parties.

  3. In addition to partisanship, and the other stuff above, because hammering government is also hammering a major corporation.

    As for using military weapons – seemed like a high risk approach to me

  4. I can’t see why a bomb would exist that could withstand a mile of water pressure. The attack subs can’t launch below 800 feet. Even if it did exist, it does seem high on the “what could possibly go wrong” scale. Like maybe they blow the oil deposit wide open.

    Surprisingly, the strongest own-party criticism I’ve seen of the administration has been on the DailyKoz. Some guy with Tourette’s syndrome did a good piece on oil booms. Look up ‘f***ing oil booms’ and you should find the article.

  5. Yes, Katrina involved dead people–it was just a different kind of story. The comparison with the Gulf might be Three Mile Island, which as I recall wasn’t treated as a Federal Government failure primarily either.

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