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I’m trying to maintain an open mind about soccer.  Still not a fan, but I can try not to dispirit those who are (and the US is advancing, so I can show my nationalistic fervor).

But the downside of all this soccer coverage is that it is crowding out the sport of kings, the king of sports: Tennis!  More than that, Wimbledon!

As I’m writing this there is a historic match going on.  Two relatively unknowns (Isner and Mahut) are in the fifth set and the score is 55-54!  They have been playing for over 9 hours.  This is (by far!) the longest match in history.

One thing I love about tennis is there is no gaming the clock, no stalling, no waiting things out.  You have to win more games than the other guy.  Baseball also has this feature.

Its now 56-56.  Amazing!

Addendum: Final Score is 70-68 for the American, John Isner.  Isner, by the way, is 6 ft. 9 in. tall and weighs about 250.  He is a power forward playing tennis.  It will be interesting to follow his future.

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