The Beginning of the End?

I think the Rand Paul/Civil Rights Act episode might be the real beginning of the end. Here is why. The only real opposition to the growth of the federal government in the last quarter-century has been the recent Tea Party movement. It may be too late to make any real difference, but it was a … Continue reading The Beginning of the End?

Here’s the Fuss

About a month ago, Jonathan Capehart asked, "Hey, Tea Party, why all the fuss?" He cites some evidence---rather thin evidence, but evidence all the same---that many self-identified Tea Partiers are at the moment in decent financial shape. So what are they upset about? That is a bit of a disingenuous question, since much of the … Continue reading Here’s the Fuss

State Aggression and Defensive Action

A candidate for the Republican nomination for California's 11th Congressional District, Brad Goehring, is taking some heat for having posted in his Facebook status---yes, we've come to that---that if he could, he would issue hunting permits and declare "today opening day for liberals. The season would extend through November 2 and have no limits," he … Continue reading State Aggression and Defensive Action