Politically Tone-Deaf?

I've discussed Michelle Obama's lavish lifestyle as first lady before.   Meanwhile, the President hasn't exactly endeared himself to a nation struggling economically by recently bolting Washington for yet another vacation - this time in upscale Nantucket Martha's Vineyard.  But it appears that Michelle and Barry aren't the only ones who are politically tone deaf right now.   The Washington Post reports that presidential candidate … Continue reading Politically Tone-Deaf?

Signaling or Public Service? A Cowen-esque Post

I have a colleague who tapes dozens and dozens of news articles outside his office on the hall walls.  If you are a professor, I'm sure you have a similar colleague around.  So, are these people consciously engaging in signaling to their colleagues and students about their political preferences?  Their erudition?  That they keep up on current events?  … Continue reading Signaling or Public Service? A Cowen-esque Post