Does Moral Action Depend on Reasoning?

Just came across this Templeton Foundation conversation on the role of reason in moral thought and action. Very enlightening. Over time, I have become more of a "Smithian" in acknowledging the role of moral emotion in guiding our intuitions and appropriately establishing moral commitments, though I also see a role for reason in systematizing those … Continue reading Does Moral Action Depend on Reasoning?

Reason on the Free State Project – Achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime, One Step at a Time

Pileus blogger Jason Sorens is the founder of the Free State Project.   Thus our regular readers may be interested in hearing about the progress of his baby in this article in the June edition of Reason magazine.  Like libertarian academics before him such as Milton Friedman, Sorens is both an idealist and a realist - which is part of the reason … Continue reading Reason on the Free State Project – Achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime, One Step at a Time

Thanksgiving Fun Post

Happy Thanksgiving, readers of Pileus.  Some lighter fare mixed with a few more serious dishes. 1.  If you want to see a college football playoff system instead of the current farce BCS system, root root root for Boise State and TCU to win out, Auburn to lose to Alabama this weekend, and Oregon to lose one of … Continue reading Thanksgiving Fun Post

Libertarians and Porn

Reason has produced about 20 posts/articles/tweets just this month on the John Stagliano trial   For those who don't read Reason's blog as religiously as I do or who aren't into adult films pornography, Stagliano is a big name in both the porn world and the libertarian world.  In terms of the latter, he is a financial supporter of libertarians and libertarian causes, including the Reason Foundation (and in … Continue reading Libertarians and Porn

The Case for Judicial Activism

George Will's column today in the Washington Post on Supreme Court nominees raises the question of whether conservatives should favor or oppose "judicial activism."  Will argues that "The proper question is: Will the nominee be actively enough engaged in protecting liberty from depredations perpetrated by popular sovereignty?"  Fortunately, classical liberals have been interested in just this … Continue reading The Case for Judicial Activism