Libertarians’ Proper Allies

Reason magazine recently hosted a debate in its pages over "where do libertarians belong?" The question was really whether libertarians ought to continue a tactical alliance with Republicans and the right, embark on a "liberaltarian" project, or disassociate themselves from both sides. The Cato Institute's Brink Lindsey had previously argued in favor of the "liberaltarian" … Continue reading Libertarians’ Proper Allies

Apartheid’s Electoral System

Fivethirtyeight has a fascinating account of how South Africa's electoral system led to unchallenged National Party dominance and the imposition of apartheid. It's just a little more evidence that the worst electoral system ever devised is single-member-district plurality rule. The discussion of emigration at the end is also interesting for providing another case in which … Continue reading Apartheid’s Electoral System

Hypocrisy is not the point

Given the focus on the recent election results, the most recent Republican sex scandal has been somewhat in the background.  Rep. Mark Souder from Indiana had an affair with a staffer and is apparently resigning.   These things are getting so common, they are becoming mundane.  Given that he didn't disappear from the country while supposedly … Continue reading Hypocrisy is not the point