Pay Politicians More?

At Econlog, the very sharp Garett Jones makes an argument for paying politicians more: There's some evidence that when it comes to politician quality, you get what you pay for; Besley finds that higher pay for U.S. governors predicts governors with more experience in politics, and Ferraz and Finan look at Brazilian data and find … Continue reading Pay Politicians More?

Libertarians’ Proper Allies

Reason magazine recently hosted a debate in its pages over "where do libertarians belong?" The question was really whether libertarians ought to continue a tactical alliance with Republicans and the right, embark on a "liberaltarian" project, or disassociate themselves from both sides. The Cato Institute's Brink Lindsey had previously argued in favor of the "liberaltarian" … Continue reading Libertarians’ Proper Allies

The invention of lying

When do people get to lie in public life without consequence?  I don't think public officials lie about facts that often (and when they do, they usually get smacked), but they lie about motives all the time. A classic example comes about in re-districting time, which most states will go through in 2011 after the … Continue reading The invention of lying

Beards and Lost Political Opportunities?

Rob Farley at LGM cites research finding that "men with beards were deemed more credible than those who were clean-shaven."  Tongue in cheek, he then confirms the research by pointing to Paul Krugman (bearded and trustworthy) and Bill Kristol (clean shaven and untrustworthy).  If this is true, contemporary politicians are really losing an opportunity to fool … Continue reading Beards and Lost Political Opportunities?