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Fellow Pilei James Otteson recently wrote a great op-ed in Forbes on the unintended consequences of the welfare state.  He was too humble to advertise it here, but I have no shame about recommending the work of my esteemed co-bloggers.  Here is a key section:

The welfare state encourages people to ignore, to violate–even to pretend does not exist–the moral principle that it is wrong to live at other people’s expense.  That is a fundamental pillar of an enlightened moral life–indeed what distinguishes a barbaric social order from a civilized one. The fact that most human societies have historically disregarded it, and many still do, does not change the fact that it is morally wrong to live off of the fruits of others’ labor.

So wonderful to see the moral case against the welfare state in print!  I recommend you read the entire piece.  Keep up the great work Jim.

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