Moral Philosophy & Dogmatism

Political libertarians are a motley lot in terms of their moral philosophies. There are three dominant strands - utilitarians like Milton Friedman, deontologists like Robert Nozick, and teleologists like Ayn Rand - but I've also met egoists, postmodernists, and Rawls-style egalitarian consequentialists. In debates over moral foundations, Randians often ally themselves with the deontologists in … Continue reading Moral Philosophy & Dogmatism

Nationalizing Precious Assets

My students and I have lately been reading Rawls, and we have been considering, among other things, the implications of his claim that we do not deserve our "natural assets"  and thus can claim no exclusive title to them on that basis. "The existing distribution of income and wealth," Rawls writes, "is the cumulative effect … Continue reading Nationalizing Precious Assets

Should DC Get Representation?

Washington City Paper has a story this week about how gun control became the issue that sank voting rights for the District of Columbia's congressional representative. Over at Hit & Run, Matt Welch has blogged it, but what I want to focus on is the normative question of whether D.C. has a right to be … Continue reading Should DC Get Representation?