A Couple More Reasons to Like Huntsman

He wants to tax too-big-to-fail banks. My preferred policy would be to enact a credible ban on congressional or Federal Reserve concessionary loans or grants to financial institutions, repeal deposit insurance, repeal most financial regulations, permit solvent banks to suspend payments to depositors, and let a new, free-wheeling marketplace sort things out. But since that's … Continue reading A Couple More Reasons to Like Huntsman

Huntsman: No-Label Libertarianism?

Mitch Daniels seems to be the potential Republican presidential candidate getting the most attention from libertarians if one excludes the forthrightly libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. Our own Grover Cleveland has expressed his man-crush here, while Ilya Somin puts the case for Daniels here. But I want to take a look at Jon … Continue reading Huntsman: No-Label Libertarianism?