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In prepared remarks, Michele Bachmann said this:

Joe Biden liked to tell audiences this election cycle that, quote, “This is not your father’s Republican Party.” Well, for once he was right. It’s a lot closer to being our Founding Fathers’ Republican Party. (emphasis added)


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His ire raised by a vice presidential pool party with journalists, Glenn Greenwald has a delightfully savage take on much of DC journalism, “Our hard-core, adversarial press corps.” This paragraph reminded me of something Murray Rothbard said about political historians in For a New Liberty:

I personally don’t think that these types of interactions “violate journalistic ethics” because I don’t think such a thing exists for them.  Rather, all of this just helpfully reveals what our nation’s leading “journalists” really are:  desperate worshipers of political power who are far more eager to be part of it and to serve it than to act as adversarial checks against it — and who, in fact, are Royal Court Spokespeople regardless of which monarch is ruling.

Rothbard thought this same charge held for the “court intellectuals” who interpret American history, although presumably the mechanism of their entanglement with the fascinations of power is somewhat different. [Inserting standard Rothbard-was-sometimes-kooky disclaimer here,] I think Rothbard was right about this, and it seems Grover Cleveland might too.


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