Afternoon Links

Would South Sudan have been better off with international trusteeship than independence? My reaction: 1) the South Sudan civil war is likely to kill far fewer than the original civil war by which they gained independence (2 million), so independence may be better than that alternative; 2) autonomy without independence would have been a nonstarter … Continue reading Afternoon Links

Walker, Republicans Dominate in Wisconsin Recall (Updated)

As I write this, Republican Scott Walker is flirting with a 60-40% landslide victory over Democrat Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election. The GOP state senators up for recall are also all leading by 20%+ margins. While the counting is early yet and those margins may come down (even though the races have been … Continue reading Walker, Republicans Dominate in Wisconsin Recall (Updated)

Public Union Wage Fix

Another day, another budget battle between public unions and newly elected officials over how to address states' deficits and debts. Ohio is now about to follow Wisconsin's lead in requiring its public unions to contribute more toward their own benefits and in limiting their legal rights to bargain collectively. An Ohio firefighter said that his … Continue reading Public Union Wage Fix