Democrats, Lefty Blogosphere Unite Against Paul

Rand Paul's victory in the Kentucky Senate primary has befuddled and deranged much of the left. Matt Yglesias calls Paul a "lunatic," while the Daily Caller reports on Democratic attempts to portray him as "out-of-touch, elitist, and selfish." Ed Kilgore says Paul's "radicalism," identified by his association with the Tea Party and calls for "massive … Continue reading Democrats, Lefty Blogosphere Unite Against Paul

Rand Paul’s Insurgent Campaign

Over at fivethirtyeight, Ed Kilgore pooh-poohs the notion that Rand Paul's expected victory in today's Republican U.S. Senate primary in Kentucky represents an anti-incumbent, insurgent mood among voters: Kentucky has a closed primary system with a very early cutoff date for registration changes, so independents are quite literally not going to be a factor in … Continue reading Rand Paul’s Insurgent Campaign

Is Utah as weird as you think?

Well, it might be.  And maybe even weirder.   But the recent weirdness--the ousting of long-serving Senator Bob Bennett in the state convention--is quite remarkable, but for different reasons than most people are led to believe by the national media. There has been a lot of national reporting on this important story.  As is usual, the … Continue reading Is Utah as weird as you think?