David Brooks – Would You Take His Bet?

Polisphiliac David Brooks: Here’s a way to make money off of other people’s misery. Short house prices in Northern Virginia. Starting with sequestration and then continuing over the next several years, the Defense Department is going to be hammered. All the big defense contractors in Northern Virginia are going to be hit. It’s already happening. I … Continue reading David Brooks – Would You Take His Bet?

Ron Paul as President. Really?

Was going to put this in the comments to my 1964 post but it got long enough to add as a new post.  Caveat: it should be read in the spirit of someone very much sympathetic to Paul and many of his policy preferences (especially on foreign policy). The only scenario for Ron Paul becoming President - … Continue reading Ron Paul as President. Really?

ObamaCare’s Canary in the Coal Mine?

An interesting and scary fact from David Brooks' interesting column on the future of ObamaCare: More seriously, cost projections are way off. For example, New Hampshire’s plan has only about 80 members, but the state has already burned through nearly double the $650,000 that the federal government allotted to help run the program. If other … Continue reading ObamaCare’s Canary in the Coal Mine?

David Brooks Has Another Fan (I jest) in the Blogosphere

See here. This column is not going to end up in the journalism Hall of Fame (the "Big Shaggy" thing is pretty lame), but Brooks does make one decent point here about the value of the humanities: It’s probably dangerous to enter exclusively into this realm and risk being caught in a cloister, removed from the market and … Continue reading David Brooks Has Another Fan (I jest) in the Blogosphere

See, he is a Centrist

Most conservatives/libertarians I know are not fans of David Brooks.  I must admit that I am a big fan, though I disagree often.  In a recent post I classified him as a centrist.  In his column today, he says he is a centrist. My question is this:  Are  he and I are right?  Is it … Continue reading See, he is a Centrist