Afternoon Links

Would South Sudan have been better off with international trusteeship than independence? My reaction: 1) the South Sudan civil war is likely to kill far fewer than the original civil war by which they gained independence (2 million), so independence may be better than that alternative; 2) autonomy without independence would have been a nonstarter … Continue reading Afternoon Links

Two Stories from NH

Concord, NH is about to acquire a Bearcat "tank" with federal grant money, similar to the one that spurred protests from all walks of society in Keene, NH recently. (One Keene councilman looks back and describes the purchase as a "waste of money.") More disturbing is the fact that the Concord police cited "Free Staters" … Continue reading Two Stories from NH

Robots, Bureaucrats, and New Jersey’s Race to the Top

New Jersey was just denied its bid for some $400 million from the federal government's "Race to the Top" initiative. The reason, apparently, is because of a "clerical error" in one paragraph on one page of the 1,000-page application. (Apparently the state was required to provide budget figures for one set of years, and it … Continue reading Robots, Bureaucrats, and New Jersey’s Race to the Top

Let Them Eat Cake, and Pass My Gravy

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is proposing a state constitutional amendment that would cap annual property tax increases at 2.5%. In another contender for Today's Dumbest Comment, Barbara Keshishan, the president of the New Jersey Education Association, described this proposal as "an official attack on the very future of public education." Would that it were … Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake, and Pass My Gravy

Quick Hits

1. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to cut subsidies to public libraries from $14 million annually to $3.6 million. The New Jersey Record calls this "severe," adding that Governor Christie has "chosen to devastate the budget for public libraries and thrust a knife into the heart of the common good." The Record then intones … Continue reading Quick Hits