A Mandate for Meh

A week has passed since the election, and I think Ron Fournier (National Journal) has provided a decent interpretation of the results:

The winners were disgust, apathy, and a gnawing desire for a better choice – an alternative to what the two major parties currently are offering.

Rather than a mandate for anything, the results suggest a continuation of a pattern of voters casting a no confidence vote for the status quo. As Fournier concludes, the future could hold one of two possibilities:

The first is depressing, and potentially crippling: Voters continue to cast protest votes, extending the era of boom-and-bust cycles, with power shifting between two unpopular, dysfunctional parties.

The second is disruptive and uncertain, but renewing: Old political structures and habits give way to new systems that are transparent, authentic, competent and empowering in a way that appeals to the rising generation of so-called millennials.

Anyone want to place a bet on which of these outcomes is more likely?

One thought on “A Mandate for Meh

  1. No bets. The Demopublican machine has fully insulated itself from any meaningful challenge. And too many Americans have accepted the ever-increasing Government intervention in our daily lives as a necessary result of our ever-increasing population. And when’s the last time you heard about generating an effort to reduce population, unless they’re taking potshots at China’s “one child” rule?

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