The Inanity of the Anti-Secessionists

To favor creating a new state somewhere is to be a dirty nationalist. To favor keeping all existing national states precisely as they are is very progressive and enlightened and not nationalist at all.

How do these people believe this stuff? Even though independence would be bad for Scotland in the short to medium run, part of me hopes that they vote Yes today just to give the Westminster, Transatlantic, and Eurocratic establishments a good, hard kicking.

2 thoughts on “The Inanity of the Anti-Secessionists

  1. It would also have the effect of making for an immediately more conservative British Parliament as well a long-term more conservative Scottish government as they discover that they can’t self-sustain socialist programs.

    1. I think that’s basically right, though it goes both ways… If Scotland leaves, rUK moves politically to the right, but it has a bit more stuff to dole around & will probably do so. Scotland moves to the left but has a lot less stuff to dole around.

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