New NH PAC Seeks to Transform GOP into “Party of Liberty”

And there’s real money behind it, with more (hopefully) to come:

As for its goal, here is how Day put it in his news release:

“Crushing debt, unfunded entitlements, the government takeover of healthcare, overregulation, the decaying of our public schools, and massive government intrusion into our private lives are a direct assault on our liberty and individual rights.

“What if we could prove that liberty works? What if we could transform the Republican Party into a party of liberty that embraces the millennial generation? What if we could break the cycle of failed Republican candidates who support the expansion of the welfare state and position the country for a Goldwater/Reagan Republican in 2016?”

The PAC first wants to elect “the first pro-liberty, millennial governor (Andrew Hemingway)” and “win a pro-liberty majority for the Republicans in our 424 person state Legislature.”

Day is chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, which has endorsed 12 GOP candidates for the state Senate, including five who are taking on sitting GOP Senators in primaries. Hemingway is former chair of the RLCNH.

Stark360 proposes “a statewide, data-driven grassroots campaign that will endure beyond 2014 and address a fundamental structural weakness of the Republican Party,” and then “position New Hampshire to elect a Liberty Republican candidate in our crucial 2016 first-in-the-nation primary.”

“New Hampshire is the single best investment to demonstrate and spread liberty throughout the rest of the country through New Hampshire’s critical first-in-the-nation primary status,” said Philips.

“The people of New Hampshire inherently embrace liberty” and in the state, “elected officials are accountable,” he and Day said.

Quoting former Gov. John H. Sununu that, “Iowa picks corn; New Hampshire picks Presidents,” Day said that in recent primaries the state has actually picked “losing presidential candidates.”

“A small, elite group of the New Hampshire Republican establishment, corrupted by D.C. interest groups, has disenfranchised New Hampshire voters, alienated the youth vote, and manipulated party rules for personal advantage. In particular, the treatment of Ron Paul in New Hampshire and the egregious manipulation of the rules aimed at harming Ron Paul delegates in the 2012 Presidential race, needs to end now. Our data-driven grassroots infrastructure will restore the Republican Party back to the liberty loving citizens of New Hampshire and serve as a model for the rest of the nation,” Day said in a statement.

3 thoughts on “New NH PAC Seeks to Transform GOP into “Party of Liberty”

  1. While I can see the attractiveness of reforming a party rather than pushing an entirely new one, I doubt it’s possible to get all the sludge out of the Republicans and reinvent them. I gave up on Republicans when they decided that liberty meant telling women what they could do with their bodies and telling everyone how they had to ride in a car–completely blind to the fact that to “respect” life is to “have a desire not to interfere with” it, which they do as much as Democrats, and with as little shame.

  2. There is only one political party in America and it has 2 branches. The conservative fascist Republicans and the liberal socialist Democrats. Both serve the same master which are the globalist elitists,behind the scenes,that are the real power in America. Just follow the money trail and see where it leads. The Constitution,and for that matter the rule of law,is dead in America. We do not live in a free republic. That dream died decades ago. With that said,what is the liberty loving individual to do? Striving for political change,such as in New Hampshire,is almost impossible. Look how the Tea Party,founded by Ron Paul,was co-opted and taken over by the neocons. After over 40 years how much legislative change has the Libertarian Party been able to achieve? The sociopath powers,behind the scenes,are just too powerful and are too firmly entrenched protecting that power. What must be done is for the individual to look out for themselves,their families and associates. Stop trying to save America. Its too late. Instead educate oneself,protect oneself,ally informally with similar liberty thinking people and try to run your own life sans the state. If it requires going “Galt,” if only on an individual basis,so be it. Trying to change things in America democratically is almost impossible. There are just too many net tax consumers,even in New Hampshire,who will outvote you. Eventually the American Empire,like Rome,will fall form its own fiscally bankrupt weight. And then maybe,just maybe,we can restore the Republic.

  3. It makes sense to try to re-cast the Republicans now, when the party “brand” is at a low ebb. It’s like investing in a stock when it’s at its (perceived) “bottom.”

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