“Infiltrating municipal and state elective office to make radical and anarchistic changes”

Are libertarians and classical liberals who move to New Hampshire radical extremist anarchist colonizing subversive treasonous subhuman alien life forms?

There’s been some nasty politics in Bedford, New Hampshire, where a member of the local political establishment has been hurling epithets on his cable access show at two locals of libertarian views who moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project and are trying to get active in local government. There’s also been some sort of mailer or flyer going around attacking these candidates for their civic engagement.

Of course, there are anarchists in the FSP, but as far as I know these two are not anarchists at all. Even if they are, if I were a town resident, I’d like to have one or two hardcore, hard-working anarchists on the council and the school board just to keep the rest of the establishment honest. We live in a world where political leaders can smear you as an anarchist just for trying to find efficiencies in government. Don’t we want someone to turn a hard, skeptical eye toward government programs to make sure they are as lean and efficient as possible?

In other news, the FSP is also being covered again in the New Hampshire Union-Leader. A quote from UNH political scientist Dante Scala:

“I do think they have been part of the debate about the direction of the Republican Party,” Scala said.

Scala said Warden’s estimates about the number of Free Staters elected to the Legislature “sounds reasonable.”

“It’s possible even a small group could have an influence that’s out of proportion to its size if we’re talking about people who are kind of elites; by that I mean people who really want to get involved in political activism in New Hampshire,” Scala said.

4 thoughts on ““Infiltrating municipal and state elective office to make radical and anarchistic changes”

  1. Well, Jason, I think you have to admit that you are a pretty scary person. Whenever I’m around you, I think, “Hey, this guy is trying to take over and then leave me alone!”

    1. Well, you see, Jim, you just don’t know me as well as these bloggers and guys with cable access shows.

  2. I just cannot believe a group of libertarian-minded activists who decide to move to New Hampshire won’t bring more crime, chaos with them. Us, here in the southern village of Atkinson, with our supinely low, but ever rising property tax (cf. Bedford’s), have enjoyed a hidebound and general quietness.

    I dread this potential “liberty” influx, and its inevitable alacrity for creative destruction.

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