3 thoughts on “More on Rodrik & Globalization

  1. Great op-ed Dr Sorens. I have a question, though. In the op-ed you write:

    Bryan Caplan has found large gaps between the views of economists and even educated laypersons of similar ideological backgrounds on questions of trade, migration, technology, and markets.

    I haven’t read the book you linked to, and I am a bit confused by the emphasized part in this sentence.

    Is Caplan arguing that the gaps between economists and, say, a libertarian-leaning corporate drone in an HR department who majored in sociology are large? Or does his argument deal more with, say, a Left-leaning associate professor of Brazilian literature and her relationship with economics? Or both?

    1. He compares an average economist to an average non-economist, controlling for ideology, education, income, race, gender, job security, & more. Economists are on average slightly left-of-center, so it’s more like: the gaps between a slightly left-of-center PhD economist and a slightly left-of-center PhD non-economist of same race, gender, and income are quite large on many issues.

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