What About Human Ingenuity?

National Geographic has a visually attractive interactive set of maps that shows what would ostensibly happen if all of the world’s ice melted due to global warming.  The problem with this – aside from the alarmism – is that it fails to take into account human ingenuity  in picturing what the world would actually look like.  Do we really think that we’d have to surrender all of those critical population centers without a fight?   We might not be able to efficiently save New Orleans and others places when the seas rise by 216 feet (!).  But would we really be completely at the mercy of nature?  And assuming it won’t happen that quickly, won’t we adapt over time even if the worst occurs?  This is not to say it wouldn’t be easier or cheaper to deal with climate change (assuming it will actually be as bad as many  climatologists think).  Indeed, I think we are ingenious enough that we’ll find ways to prevent the worst and adapt to the remaining problems.

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