NPR Again – Where Does Wealth Come From?

I’ve listened to NPR in the car a fair bit over the last two weeks.  If I learned my economics from that station, I’d have to conclude that wealth is essentially just something that exists and is expropriated by individuals and countries.  It is a fixed pie that one either has a slice of (or two or three or four in the case of rich people and nations) or not.    Little sense that wealth is created, that liberal institutions and values are better at creating the conditions of wealth-creation than others, and that one’s piece of pie can grow without the slices of others getting smaller.  And perhaps most importantly, it is an article of faith on NPR that state action is required to remedy just about any problem (and consistent with the nirvana fallacy, only rarely is there discussion of the problems of such remedial actions and their agent).  Or perhaps I just happened to not be in the car at the times that other views were shared ( I did catch a short bit of a piece talking about a failed foreign aid project.  Fair and balanced at NPR!).

3 thoughts on “NPR Again – Where Does Wealth Come From?

  1. LOL. I have a similar impression of NPR. Every now and then I catch something interesting or useful, but there definitely is a statist bent. Of course, there is a statist bent to nearly every major news agency, because the consequences of not bowing down to DC would be deadly (for them).

  2. NPR rarely if ever gives a balanced view on any subject,especially controversial subjects. This would include taxes,banking,government spending,health care,Social Security,housing,education and so forth. When they have “two” points of view its always the conservative socialist vs. the liberal socialist views that are featured on their programs. One of the biggest offenders is Marty Mosco-wayne who is the host of the radio interview show Radio Times. Talk about “liberal Bias.” She not only has a bias,but she directs and leads her guests to her preconceived collectivist conclusions. Interviewers and program hosts are entitled to run their shows as they see fit. That is fine. But not on the taxpayer’s dime. If Limbaugh or Hannity want to spout their neocon views on commercial radio with private advertisers footing the bill that’s also fine,but at least they aren’t paid by tax money extorted out of the businesses and the paychecks of productive Americans. NPR and “liberal bias” are one and the same thing. My answer is just turn the dial to something else.

  3. If you substitute Fox for NPR when it comes to a discussion of “not fair and balanced,” then you are correct. I’ve never heard anyone on NPR say or imply that wealth isn’t created. And regulations aren’t perfect, but our environment prior to clean air and water regulations was toxic, thanks to unregulated private industry.

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